junio 10, 2017

Real Inflation Argentina

InflacionVerdadera.com was created in 2007 to provide alternative price indexes to the official ones in Argentina. From 2007 to 2012 we published a Food and Drinks Index as well as a Basic Food Basket Index, using a combination of daily prices from two large supermarkets in Buenos Aires and the same methodologies of the INDEC before its intervention in 2007. Our task led us to create The Billion Prices Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), y then PriceStats, the first private enterprise to calculate aggregate price indexes in the world.

In 2012 we summarized the results of our work with Argentina’s inflation statistics in this academic paper published in the Journal of Monetary Economics. In August 2012, we replaced the original indexes of this site with a Consumer Price Index produced by PriceStats, an index that is comparable to the Aggregate CPI from the INDEC. The Index is published on a weekly basis by The Economist in replacement of INDEC’s official statistics. This new index accounts for additional categories of products and uses tens of thousands of daily prices obtained online from a great variety of retailers and sources throughout the country.


A monthly chained price index with the history of Argentina’s inflation from 1943 to the present can be downloaded here. This index uses official INDEC data from 1943 to January 2007, the CPI from the province of San Luis from January 2007 to November 2007, and PriceStats’ aggregate price index from November 2007 on. It will be updated once a month. We explain the details of its construction in the following article: “Filling the Gap in Argentina’s Inflation Data“. Please note that the monthly and annual inflation numbers in this spreadsheet are slightly different from those in the daily graphs. The reason is that the graphs use daily data and compute a 30 day moving average of the index before calculating the monthly and annual rates.

Last Few Days

Historical Series and Comparison to INDEC

In all graphs the red line corresponds to the official statistics (INDEC), and the blue line is the PriceStats’ index. All statistics are updated on a daily basis using data from 10-days ago.

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